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Residential Eating Disorder Treatment for Adult Women

Center for Discovery Fremont provides residential treatment for women struggling with eating disorders. We are committed to helping women with eating disorders achieve long-term recovery and live happy and productive lives. For over 15 years, we have been providing eating disorder treatment for women and over that time we have developed both a proprietary treatment model and a legacy of success. We believe that women with eating disorders deserve and need specialized treatment, so our Center for Discovery Fremont program exclusively treats women with eating disorders including anorexia, bulimia, and binge eating disorder as well as other types of disordered eating. At Center for Discovery Fremont, eating disorder treatment is not just our specialty, it is what we do.

Our program is solely dedicated to providing the personalized therapeutic treatment for women with eating disorders that will create lasting emotional, behavioral, spiritual and social growth. Eating disorders can’t hide at Center for Discovery Fremont. Our team is particularly effective at addressing denial and any lack of understanding about how serious eating disorders are. Every member of our team is deeply committed and passionate about the well-being of our residents and helping them and their families heal. Each of our therapists is a full-time member of the team and is fully committed to the treatment of residents on an ongoing basis. The full treatment team meets at least once a week to coordinate and monitor treatment for every resident, with other smaller meetings taking place throughout the week. At Center for Discovery Fremont, we are focused on helping women understand their eating disorder, the underlying emotional factors that contributed to the development of their eating disorder, and identify the eating disorder cycle.

During our 15 years helping women with eating disorders, we have refined our proprietary treatment model to provide the most effective eating disorder treatment. Our process is family based, involving family members in therapeutic treatment and as a support system for the recovery of the resident. One of the foundations of our family based approach is the therapeutic family meal. During therapeutic family meals, a resident will sit down to a meal with her family, therapist, and dietitian. The therapist and dietitian are then able to provide a therapy session with individualized family coaching and develop a model for each resident and her family on how meals should be handled after treatment. Our eating disorder treatment program also includes hands-on nutrition and food preparation training so women can become more comfortable and familiar with food and food preparation. Treatment plans at Center for Discovery Fremont are personalized for each resident and her specific needs and situation. While the specific treatment plan for each resident is different, a minimum of four hours per week is spent in individual therapy sessions and an average of four hours each day is spent in group therapy sessions.

Center for Discovery provides residential treatment in a home-like setting within a residential neighborhood in Fremont, California. Our program is closely supervised, nurturing and structured. Our location allows women with eating disorders to focus on treatment and healing instead of other environmental distractions. Center for Discovery Fremont is licensed by the State of California. Many of our residents are referred from professionals in the medical community and the majority of stays are fully covered by insurance. To ensure the highest level of treatment and continuity of care, we consistently provide thorough information about treatment to referring physicians, including comprehensive summaries and treatment goals. This regular communication allows for treatment to transition seamlessly from residential treatment.

If you or a loved one is struggling with an eating disorder, know that recovery is possible. Center for Discovery is an established leader in the field of eating disorder residential treatment. We understand how difficult it can be to seek residential treatment for an eating disorder, and we can help. If you or your family are in crisis, or if you would like to speak with someone about eating disorder treatment, please call us today at 866.268.6160.

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